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Payatas Quezon City Baptist Church and
Ministries, Inc.

Payatas Missions Outreach, Inc.


Here is the $5 Million Dollar Question---How would you like to help build a Church?
That's right. You can be a part of building an actual Church to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be part of changing one of the poorest areas in the Philippines. Payatas.

Many of you already know us. We are Payatas Quezon City Baptist Church and Ministries, payatasInc. We are a Mission Church headed up by Pastor Jack Wilson. We have documented the work we have done since our arrival in 2006 by the following means:
http://payatas.phanfare.com/  (click on photos, view all) = thousands of photographs documenting the Spiritual and Physical outreach to the community via door knocking, visitation, food, clothes and toys give a ways, VBS, Camp, Health Clinics, Medical Missions,Films, Christmas Celebrations, Music lessons, Education and on and on.
http://www.payatasbaptistchurch.org/  (click on News updates located under the Social Corner tab) = This is a monthly diary since our arrival in 2006 to the present, showing all the work accomplished in the name of the Lord.

After seven years of being in the same building the Landlord decided they need the building for their own use and we had to leave. We had no money, land, or building but we do have an awesome God and I believe He has given me this plan which is really simple.During this time God changed the situation and we now do not need to move. Well, we still really do as we need a larger facility

For all the time I have been driving from my house to the Church, there was one place that I prayed for to have for our compound. I believed God had given it to me so I continued to pray. When our "exploration" team came to me and told me that they found a place and it was $1.6 million dollars, I thought they were crazy. I refused it because I believed God wanted me to have the other place. Then I Googled the overview of the area and saw that the new place was behind the old place. Had God been pointing my eyes past the first place and it wasn't quite revealed to me? Click Here to see the Vision

The vision I had all along was to build a 2000 seat sanctuary, a school, missionary housing a medical clinic and housing for Pastors (3-4 families) This was a great big goal and seemingly hopeless. When this new place was revealed to me they said it's just shy of two hectares (almost 5 acres) They said it had a building on it with a good roof, cement walls and the size of a football field. It could easily hold 2000! It also had a private home that could be converted to missionary rooms. It has other buildings that could be outfitted as schools-elementary and High School with room for a small college. There is also a place to put a clinic. The area is large enough to have outdoor and indoor evangelistic outreach services and if we had 2-3 services every Sunday we could literally reach thousands of the Payatas people.
Pastor Jack WilsonSo, When you read this, FIRST look over our websites posted below. See how worthy this ministry is. Then ask God to direct you. Then go to this link where you will be able to give any amount on your bank card. $1, $100, $1,000, $1,000,000, $5,000,000.00!  If you have only one dollar to give, please give it. If you don't have a bank card you can mail a check. If you don't have a check you can buy a money order.

SECOND: Pass this on to every list that you are on! Facebook, twitter, myspace, friendster, Linked-in, even your personal mailing list. Put a note saying, “I just helped this worthy cause, will you?” These are two things that you are able to do. DO NOT SAY NO because you only have a dollar. Send the Dollar. God will bless it. People get millions of votes on FB for many silly things but a million people at a dollar each buys a Church. We will post the totals to show you how it is going.

THIRD! (Really First)
Pray and pray hard that God will do a miracle in this place and show the world what can be done, one person at a time being willing to be used for God. We need to raise $5 Million Dollars. $1.6 Million for the land and buildings and $3.4 Million to outfit the buildings. Recently someone bought Babe Ruth's old jersey for $4.4. million dollars so I don't think it is too much that we are seeking to minister to an entire barangay!Thank you and may God bless your good heart as you respond to this call.
Thank You!

http://www.payatasmissionoutreach.org/. Our base ministry with a 501 (©) 3 non-profit status. This means your gifts are tax deductible.
http://www.payatasbaptistchurch.org. Our Church site showing our  work in the field.
http://www.1ph.org A short video showing the work, another video showing Payatas and links to our websites.