Miracles in advance!

When we first arrived here our sending Church (Bethel) sent among other things, a large pack of Sunday School materials. Try as we could , we could not figure what to do with them. We didn't want to trash them because it was good stuff so we put it away. Almost two years later we received a box from one of our supporters in Mira Mesa. She always sends us supplies but this time we found the teachers manuals and the student books for the supplies we got almost two years ago. God plans in advance!

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Our Livelihood program is Working!

We just got an order from Singapore for our paper twine products. Our people make handmade Christmas tree decorations at lost cost. They are designing other creations for various occasions. Check out our page! Click Here and scroll down to "Paper Folding"

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A Church United

One thing I can say, probably every member in our Church not only has the ability to properly share the Gospel, but they also practice it every day. Our members love to share the word and more and more people are hearing the word here because of God using them.

We pray to be the strongest Church in the World. Not the richest or the most fun, but the strongest! Pray with us to be all that God wants us to be.

From Rags to Riches

Malou and I  were finally able to get to get some clothes. I was down to a couple of pairs of pants with holes in them. Malou was but a little better off than I was. I had won a $1000 gift card from Banana Republic but they were not letting us use it in the Philippines so one of our supporters went shopping. Not only did they buy us the clothes from the card but they also paid for some themselves! We are now the best dressed poor missionaries in the Philippines.


Please pray for a vehicle for us.

 For three years now I have been riding the motorcycle back and forth to work. It has been a blessing as I detest Jeepney's. My wife and family have been taking public transportation. The problem is I can no longer drive in the rain as I used to do. The roads here have been literally destroyed in the past year and it has gotten such that if it rains on a Wednesday or a Sunday  night , I sleep at the office rather than chance the drive home. If we had a vehicle we could go home as a family and also be able to take some of the older people home. One Pastor's wife mentioned that I was the only "white Pastor" she knew that did not have a vehicle. The bike is still necessary and it helps me to get to places the car can't get into but a car would be a blessing for the family.

Do you need prayer? Please send me your requests. I would love to pray for you.


Your prayers and gifts support this Mission




    Please remember to Pray for Pearl


        She is waiting for her miracle!

Last month we told you about Pearl who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was taken to the hospital  last week as her lungs were filling with fluid. They have been draining that fluid. The chemo proved to be no good and now she will be going through radiation if the Government decides to pay for it. Please pray for a miracle for Pearl.

Report on the Kids

While Linda is now counting to one million two and saying her alphabet she has also learned all the names of more animals than that of which I ever heard. Do you know what an Ibet is?

Laura is on the homestretch of finishing the fourth grade. At seven and three years old I am so proud of them both.

We had a visitor to our Church who used to live here and she has found six Children to come to our Church. She has a group who would like to have a Christmas party for a small group of kids and we have the opportunity to help with that .

We have received more Bibles, some tracts are on the way, medical supplies and we finally have a water hook up in the back of the Church. No more hose over the wall for water! Yea!


Recently I spoke with a missionary on deputation in California. He told me his goal was $2500 per month but other Pastors are telling him not to go with under $3000!

Imagine that. We left the states with plenty of promises but actually with $550 per month. Here it is three years later and we haven't even doubled it yet.

If you know people who have a heart for missions can you tell them about us and perhaps we could get a bit more support.

Recently my Pop was in the hospital with fluid in his lungs. It was touch and go and it made me realize that I have no money to attend a funeral let alone a visit to see him. At 82 he is doing well but one never knows.

I know God will supply my needs but don't forget He uses people and the ones He uses get the blessings.